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Enhanced Email Security - Purchase 1 per Email Account

Enhanced Email Security - Purchase 1 per Email Account

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Microsoft Exchange Email Addresses


Comprehensive Threat Protection

Protects against various email threats like phishing, spam, viruses, ransomware, and social engineering. It's highly effective, blocking 100% of all malware in tests.

Advanced Email Security

Blocks over two billion spam messages monthly using machine learning and other advanced filtering technologies, ensuring your emails are safe from common threats.

Defense Against New Threats

Utilizes a cloud-based engine that evolves to recognize new threat patterns in real-time, protecting against emerging threats using machine learning, antivirus, and reputation-based feeds.

AI-Powered Real-Time Threat Detection

Our system is continuously fed data from millions of email boxes to recognize and protect against new threats, including malware, phishing, impersonation, and more, using artificial intelligence​.

Fast Microsoft 365 Integration

Offers a quick and easy setup for Microsoft 365 users, with a simple onboarding process, syncing of mailboxes, and integration of add-ins for end users.

Zero Downtime Assurance

In case of an email service outage, the web portal allows users to continue receiving, reading, and sending emails without interruption. Once the service is restored, emails are synced back, ensuring seamless communication.

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